Jimmy Vi


Commercial — Film & Creative Director, 2023

For a while my creativity felt stale and it didn’t incite the excitement it used too. There was something missing with what I was doing and I couldn’t understand what it was. I felt I was living life in a circular motion. Doing the same things and experiencing the same things. I needed a change. When I wrote this film these were the thoughts that were actively on my consciousness. A lot of things when I’m creating films or art I just have a feeling. And often times I for that moment lack the vocabulary to explain what it is I’m feeling. I use film a form of visual poetry. It’s a vessel that helps me make sense of what it is that I’m experiencing. I hope when you watch this you felt something. And it helped you make sense of something you may not have had words for. Or at the least it made you feel something other than the circular emotions you’ve been experiencing. “The Circle” is just a line but something profound happens when that line bends and takes on new forms.

Shot entirely on the Zeiss Supreme Prime 15mm


Creative Director: Jimmy Vi
Director: Jimmy Vi
Cinematographer: Toshihiko Kizu

Salary Man: Akiyoshi Tsujimoto
Aquarium Shop Dancer: Rin Kuwana
Construction Worker: Santa Terakado
Girlfriend: Chinami
Mother: Megumi Matsushita
Daughter: Chika Matsushita

Grandma’s Voice: Momoko Noji

Producer/1st AD: Kishin Oyama
Production Manager: So Matsufuji
Production Assistant: Akane Suzuki
Production Assistant: Yuta Rikiyama

1st AC: Masanori Yokota
2nd AC: Shunta Ishizuka
3rd AC: Ryo Araki
DIT: Sou Naoi
Gaffer: Satoshi Tani
Lighting Chief: Takuya Kakizaki
Grip: Takuya Watanabe
Best Boy: Kengo Futamura
Sound: Masato Takeda
Sound Assist: Atsushi Yoshida

Sound Design & Mix: Boombox Sound
Producer: Joe Frustaglio
Boombox Sound EP: Umber Hamid

Hair and Make-Up: Janeth Leyva Aragon
Stylist: Hideyuki Sanbongi
Driver: Yasutoshi Shima
Driver: Ryosuke Yanai

Offline Editor: Rina Takeuchi
Colour by Artjail
Colourist: Clinton Homuth
Colour Assistant: Austin Tang
Online Editor: Jimmy Vi
Mixer: Takaomi Tomura

Casting: Masao Takami

Special Thanks
NAC Rental, Muse Crea, BOND S, Nabeya, Nomad Tokyo, Film.M.I.S.S.I.O.N, Needles, Hikaru aquarium, Yoshimi Joya, Hana, Snack Private, Ben Robinson

I’m a Film and Creative Director based out of Toronto. I’ve worked with clients from Nike, Footlocker, Zeiss, Sony to independent artists and labels. My friends and I also support BIPOC creatives through an organization called ECRU.

Commercial Rep:

Let’s work together, email: jimmyvi@live.com

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Zeiss, The Circle
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Zeiss, The Circle
Nike, Play New

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