Jimmy Vi


Editorial — Film Director, 2020

Art in many ways is my therapy. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by this jumbled world. This time has put a complete halt to what I do as a filmmaker. It put me in an extremely tough place financially and mentally. It put the sustainability of my whole career in question. I created this piece to visualize and make sense of this feeling. This idea that myself like many others are grieving over the past life we lived (pre-covid). This feeling as if we're trapped and held back by something out of our control. I feel mentally and emotionally exhausted but I’m still here and so are you.It's been hard to create during these times but it just means we have to push ourselves further to be more creative. When we created this piece I made it with the intent to just create purely. After the countless commercials and big production music videos I wanted to go back to the pure sense of creation without any strings attached.


Director & Editor: Jimmy Vi
Cinematographer: Gregorio Gocuna

Sound & Words: Abscond
Stylist: Vanessa Popolii
Wardrobe: Vintage

Colour By Alter Ego
Colourist: Patrick Samaniego
Senior Producer: Jane Garrah
Colourist Assistant: Evan Spicer

Talent: Carson (Peggi Lepage), Ebony Osaz (Peggi Lepage), Lexson Millington, Tylor Jay Santos

Additional Writing: Jimmy Vi

I’m a Film and Creative Director based out of Toronto. I’ve worked with clients from Nike, Footlocker, Zeiss, Sony to independent artists and labels. My friends and I also support BIPOC creatives through an organization called ECRU.

Commercial Rep:

Let’s work together, email: jimmyvi@live.com

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Zeiss, The Circle
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Nike, Play New (Jenn Lau)
Footlocker, The Reboot
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Zeiss, The Circle
Nike, Play New

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