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Children of Today - BlasterJaxx

In this world dark world light is the metric of life. As you age darkness begins to grow within you and you need light to fight it. The citizens of this world are fed a synthetic serum known as light. This serum of light prolongs your life but at a cost of your 5 senses. These two kids grow up in this world taught to fear the darkness and the light. As kids are the only ones who are able to save the world as they are born pure. They fight for all of humanity as its sole survivors and train to become espers of the light and dark. These two kids are the children of today, manipulating the darkness and light and guide the way for humanity. They learn that in order to live instead of fighting the light and dark you must dance among them.


Jimmy Vi

Matt Bendo


Matt Bendo

Art & Prod Design
Joshua Turpin

Art Assistant
Nigil Vazquez

1st Assistant Camera
Ash Tailor

2nd Assistant Camera
Aiden James Carter

Samuel Pollock

Key Grip
Douglas Cunningham

Shanelle Godfrey, Jonny Micay

Sahil Mirchandani

Executive Producers
Joris Hoevenberg, Julian Lomaga

Clinton Homuth - ArtJail

Production Manager
Amanda Inglese

Wardrobe Stylist
Ahna Dunn-Wilder

Dominic Gonsalves, Becket Lee-Shanok, Andrea Pavlovi

Production Assistants
Romir Joshi, Lina Li